Randall's Webalbum Software

The photo album website was created with software I put together for the purpose. After checking out several different webalbum programs I realized there was not one available that does what I want, so I was forced to do it myself. I have placed this software into the public domain and you are free to use or alter it for your own purposes.

You will probably need to have some programming skills in order to do this. I AM NOT PROVIDING ANY FREE SUPPORT! Consulting services are available, for a fee. However if something described on this page is not clear, I will fix or improve it. Please send comments or questions to randallg@telemark.net.




The process of creating a webalbum follows these steps:

Album Content:

The file content.xml contains all your comments and narrative for the album. It is in XML format. mkweb.pl generates an empty one for you when you first run it. Then you can edit it to add your specific content. When you look at the file it should be pretty self explanatory. There are some overall tags such as "title" and "intro", and there is a "photo" tag for each image. Each "photo" tag has these fields:

Be careful editing content.xml - if you screw up the tagging the web server will display nothing but an error message. For simplicity, by default the description and narrative fields are stored as attributes of the photo tag. However if you want to enter anything other than plain text, such as links or HTML formatting, you must change them to subtags rather than attributes. For instance this will not work:

<photo num="001" description="I want to include a link <a href="http://www.someplace.com">here</a>"/>

You will have to do it this way:

<photo num="001"><description>I want to include a link <a href="http://www.someplace.com">here</a></description></photo>

Web Server Files:

Download the Files

Pix.zip contains the files rename.pl, mkweb.pl, pix.asp and pix.xsl.
Click here to download pix.zip