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The Blogosphere is rapidly taking the place of the "mainstream" media, at least for me. Here are some of the better blogs around, in my opinion.

Andrew Sullivan - aka The Daily Dish - I usually check here first. Andrew is fiscally conservative, socially liberal, a hawk on the war against Islamofascism, and gay, many of which qualities I share. He is one of the most famous bloggers and IMO one of the best writers, which is what he is paid to do in the real world.

Glenn Reynolds - aka Instapundit - Mr. Instapundit is not only one of the longest lived bloggers around, he has got to be the most prolific. While holding down a job as some sort of law professor, and with a family, he blogs practically around the clock on all manner of topics. I think he is so famous that tons of other people send him links and suggestions, making this the best blog for keeping up to date on all manner of different topics. He is good at linking to posts on many other blogs as well, so this is a good place to get introduced to other fine bloggers.

John Hawkins - aka Right Wing News "Repelling raving moonbats since 2001" - Don't let his blog's name put you off, he is no extremist. This is the first blog I stumbled accross, and from there I was led to the rest. John writes fewer, but longer posts, and so explores his topics more deeply than some, and puts things in a succinct and plain spoken way. He has an excellent sense of humour and brings in humourous articles from some of the better funny blogs such as Scrappleface, BrokenNewz and the Skeptician. An excellent feature of this blog is the "Daily News" links on the right. John finds some great news stories and opinion links here, most of which are worth visiting, and which you may never have heard of otherwise.

Zeyad the Iraqi Dentist - aka Healing Iraq - I believe this was the second Iraqi blog live from Baghdad after the liberation. Zeyad, and now some of his friends as well, blog from the newly sprouted Internet cafes there. He is a young dentist and his friends are various professionals, and their perspective on the situation in Iraq is honest, and almost entirely unreported in our fine mainstream media. He scooped the world media and photographed a pro-democracy demonstration of thousands back in December 2003. Believe it or not most Iraqis are happy to have been liberated and these blogs explain why in great detail. What I find amazing about Zeyad and the other Iraqis is their mastery of English, speaking and writing it better than many native speakers. Their prose is moving and poetic at times - I believe this is a result of thinking in Arabic, which I understand is a very poetic language. Do not miss these marvellous Iraqi bloggers. You will find links to "The Mesopotamian", "Iraq at a Glance", "Iraq the Model", "Hamorabi" and others on Zeyad's site.

Other blogs I like that I haven't summarized yet:
Steven Den Beste - aka USS Clueless
Roger Simon
Wretchard - aka Belmont Club
James Taranto - Best of the Web
Jeff Jarvis - aka Buzzmachine
Daniel Drezner
Peak Talk
Kirk's Blog

My favourite columnists and opinion sites:
Mark Steyn
Christopher Hitchens
David Brooks, Ralph Peters, David Frum
Wall Street Journal
National Review Magazine
Weekly Standard Magazine

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